Floor Plans: 
The floor plan sheets show the layout of the house which includes wall sizes, room dimensions, ceiling heights, window and door sizes and locations, fireplace location, kitchen cabinets, built-in shelves, desks, vanities and other design features.

Exterior Elevations:
Front, rear, right and left side elevations showing the finishes for the building materials such as siding, brick, stone, etc. This sheet also shows the type of roofing materials and decorative elements such as trim, columns and window shutters. Roof pitches and ceiling heights are also shown on the elevation sheet.

Foundation Plan:
This sheet shows the foundation wall location, footings, elevator shaft, etc.  Please note, structural components will need to be sized and verified by a local engineer in your area. 

Roof Plan:
This sheet shows an top view of the roof design, noting pitches, slopes, ridges, valleys, etc. 

Detail Sheet(s):
Pages showing typical methods for construction and our in-house details that explain LifeStage features of the home.  For example, framing details for Curbless Showers, Stepless Garage Entry, Elevators, etc.


PLEASE NOTE:  Since we market and sell our house plans to a national audience, you will need to have your purchased plans reviewed by a licensed engineer, in your local area, who is familiar with the building codes and standard building practices in the location you intend to build your home.