Think about this...

Most house plans are designed to accommodate us in our most active years, without regard to what the future may hold. 

What if you could plan ahead for multiple LifeStages?  Allowing you and your family the ability to enjoy your new home to it's fullest, for as long as possible?  A true lifelong, forever home.

This is where LifeStage Home Designs comes in.

All of our house plans are designed with your future in mind.  Our mission is not simply to design homes that are attractive and desirable but also to create plans that allow for Barrier-Free layouts, Aging-in-Place, and Multi-Generational living.  By incorporating principles of Universal Design in all of our stock plans, we deliver additional value and peace of mind to homeowners, now and in the future. 

Here's why...

Our plans save you money. 
They are competitively priced, with all the required details needed to to construct a new home, with your future needs in mind.  Drastically reducing, if not eliminating, the need for costly renovations in the future.

Our plans think ahead.
Our plans are designed to accommodate a wide range of possible and eventual changes in physical ability without sacrificing functionality over the fit and finish of your home.

 What's different about our plans:

  • Barrier-free layouts allowing full use of your entire home  
  • Main Level Master Bedrooms
  • Curbless Showers (walk-in) 
  • Stacked Closets (for future elevator installations) 
  • Stepless Entry (typically at front door and inside the garage into home)  
  • 4' Wide Hallways with 3' Wide Doorways